First Presbyterian Church - Elizabeth, NJ founded 1664
News and Events

Have you been searching for meaning in your life?

Would you like some assurance that you are loved by God?

Are you tired of being alone in your spiritual journey?

Here is a place where you can be yourself, where you will not be judged, where you will not be rejected, and where you can find wholeness and healing in the company of people who have experienced the best and worst of life.

Together, we will grow through faith in Jesus Christ. You are welcome here.


Welcome to a place of wholeness and healing in the heart of the city

Our Ministry

  1. -Sunday Worship in English

  2. -Sunday Worship in Spanish

  3. -Wednesday Midday Worship

  4. -Tuesday Eve. Bible Study

Our Outreach

  1. -Red Ribbon Fellowship

  2. -Kenya Fellowship

  3. -12-Step Programs

  4. -Union County ISP/JISP

Our Future

  1. -Agape Feeding Ministry

  2. -Historical Museum

  3. -Community Theater

  4. -Arts Education

  5. -Skills training

  6. -Helping those in need

Our Mission
The mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth is to provide an inclusive Christian Witness, ministering to ALL regardless of Age, Sex, Religion, Color, Creed, National Origin or Sexual Orientation who will hear the Word of the Lord and seek spiritual growth and acceptance of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

42 Broad St. Elizabeth, NJ 07201   tel: 908/353-1518 email:

Healing, Hope, & History

En Español
Rev. Dr. Robert D. Higgs, Pastor

Worship Schedule
English - 11:00am
Estudio de la Biblia en español - 12:30pm
Kenya Fellowship - 3:00pm (first and third Sundays)
Midday - Noon (Lunch provided after service)
Red Ribbon Fellowship - 6:00pm (Dinner provided after service)
Thank You Sandy Relief Teams!
You have made a big difference in New Jersey
The need continues. We hope to see you in 2014!

Please view our sister site on the Academy of Elizabethtown